Thyroid Beginner Overview

Welcome! Dr.C here with you. I am glad you made it. In this video We will talk about your symptoms. Can they get better? YES. You can feel better.

Thyroid 101

What is the thyroid? What are the functions of the thyroid? In this video we talk about all the functions of the body that the thyroid plays a part in controlling. You will be amazed at the range of inputs the thyroid has on our body.

Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroid?

In this video Dr. Christianson discusses two main diagnoses for thyroid disease. Dr.C talks about how thyroid antibodies and TSH lab test levels determine a possible diagnosis.

Hashimoto’s 101

Dr.C discusses how the immune cells actually hurt the thyroid and change how it works. With Autoimmune disease the body actually works against itself. Learn more in this video.

Thyroid Labs

TSH, Free T3, Free T4, what do all these mean? Dr.C explains what each of these mean and how you will be able to better interpret your next round of thyroid lab results.


In this video Dr. Christianson discussed the two causes for a Hyperthyroid diagnosis. What are they?

Thyroid Diet

For 20 years Dr.C has been dialing in the best thyroid diet. Find out which one ingredient can make the biggest difference in resetting your thyroid.

Exercise and Thyroid Disease

What does a good exercise regime look like for someone dealing with thyroid disease? Dr.C talks about your thyroid’s response to exercise.


Commonly overlooked but crucial. In this video Dr. Christianson discusses why a thyroid ultrasound is vital to preventing thyroid cancer.

Self Neck Exam

For those with Thyroid Disease, Dr.C explain how and why you should be doing a self neck exam once a month.


What supplements and nutrients support your thyroid the best? In this video Dr. Christianson lists out the essential micronutrients needed to help your body to overcome thyroid disease.

Iodine + Thyroid

Dr.C dives deep into how and why iodine must be monitored to give your thyroid the best opportunity to reset.


What are thyroid antibodies? How do they affect your overall thyroid function? In this video Dr. Christianson explains the importance of checking your thyroid antibody levels to get a complete picture of your thyroid production.


In this video Dr.C talks about how your iron levels affect absorption and production of your thyroid gland. Learn how this overlooked nutrient could be the key to thriving.


How does adrenal malfunction fit it to your thyroid? Well if one is not working there is a good chance the other is suffering. Learn about Dr.C’s Adrenal Quiz in this video.

Top Myths

In this video Dr.C discusses myths about thyroid care that are not safe and topics to avoid.